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Is Sydney, Australia's Most Unfriendly City?

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A True Story. Some friends were having coffee in Sydney and the waiter asked one of them where they were from. The friend replied that they were from Sydney and the waiter, being quite surprised, said "Oh" and walked off. The friend was puzzled by the waiters reaction and after finishing their coffee asked the waiter the reason for the question. The response was surprised the friend with the waiter say, "You were smiling so I thought you were from out of town, most other people in Sydney are just rude and miserable".

Whilst amusing on one hand, the story has credibility especially if you type the word sydneysiders into Google and see what is suggested for you. When we did it, the suggestions from Google included 'are arrogant' and 'are rude'.

For not just years but decades, Australia and in particular Sydney, has had a reputation for being a warm welcoming and friendly city but over recent years that reputation has shifted very much to the dark side with Sydney now being regularly rated and commented on as one of the worlds most unfriendly (excluding cities that are in conflict zones).

Is the Harbour City what the Tourism organisations say it, with everyone warm and welcoming or Is Sydney, Australia's Most Unfriendly City?