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Is 5G Today, Just Marketing Hype To Make Us Spend More?

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We have all seen the ads, we have all heard the hype. 5G is coming and it is going to change our lives and make everything mobile be much better! Or is it?

Whilst writing this, we took a quick break and walked two blocks in Sydney CBD along George Street and watching our phones we saw them jump from 4G to 3G and back again several times in a distance of a couple of hundred metres with one phone losing signal altogether (an Optus connection which dropped out outside the Telstra building, not implying anything untoward here). We were also accompanied by an industry insider with a 5G phone and even their phone dropped to 4G just one block away from where we started.

Now before you start tapping away and sending us nasty messages, we are not questioning that 5G isn't going to give us all massive speeds so we can Pirate Bay, I mean Netflix, a 2 hour movie in just a few seconds or reduce latency to a level lower than the already imperceptable level we have now, what we are questioning is when it will occur?

People are already buying 5G phones and jumping onto 5G compatible plans (the 5G access is free at present - the data usage is not) but in all reality the extended network is not there yet and will not be for at least another year in the inner suburban areas of the major cities and will be even years longer before the outer suburbs and the rural areas get proper coverage.

So given that in all reality we are still a ways off from having an actual network of 5G instead of the access points today, Is 5G Today, Just Marketing Hype To Make Us Spend More?