Has GoFundMe Overreached by Shutting Down the Israel Folau Page?

Israel Folau
Israel Folau was running a GoFundMe page to fund the Legal Challenges his is making against Rugby Australia in a case of Unfair Dismissal. Regardless of what he, any of his supporters or any of his detractors say, this case is not about Religious Rights nor is it about Freedom of Speech, it is about Contract and Employment Law.

Now despite us all knowing what Israel Folau did to get himself fired, it isn't for any of us to decide how he or anyone else goes about mounting their defense or funding their legal case regardless of how rich or how poor he may be.

Given that GoFundMe has made a determination on what lead to the page being created rather than why the page was there makes us ask if they have overreached by shutting it down?

Editorial Comment: The Pub Test would like to say that as an organisation and individual staff members that we support the decision of Rugby Australia to terminate Folau as the dissemination of hatred should never be tolerated especially when it is tried to be done under the guise of freedom of speech or freedom of religion.

That said, we also believe in and support the right of Israel Folau to have his day in court and let this matter be settled by the appropriate authorities as this case, regardless of what was the start of it, is about Contract and Employment Law.