Should Australia Host a Visit from Donald Trump?

Donald Trump
What can be said about Donald Trump, the President of the most powerful nation on Earth, that hasn't been said before? We would have said nothing as it has all been said before but yesterday a new low was reached even for him with comments telling four democratically elected female US Congresswomen (the equivalent of our Federal MP's) to go back to the countries they came from. Interesting note, three of the four were born in the USA, one in the same same city as Trump was born.

This is the elected leader of our most powerful ally and that in itself would automatically make this question obsolete but we are also talking about a person that to most Australians is the antithesis of what we would accept from not only our politicians but also from anyone we would accept into our home.

A person that thinks some Nazi supporters are good people. A person that openly mocks people with disabilities. A person that brings race into politics as a tool to create hatred and distrust. The list could go on for ever.

Does it pass The Pub Test that we accept a formal visit from Donald Trump, depsite his position, given the person we know him to be when other people who are just as unsavoury and cause just as much division in the community have had visas denied?