Are Apologies from Public Figures Good Enough?

We have all seen it and heard it before! Some public figure says or does something awful and if there is a public backlash they apologise, well sort of apologise.

The past week we have seen another such example of this coming from the man who points more fingers than a Hindu God, Alan Jones.

Mr Jones has spent the previous week berating and lambasting NZ PM Jacinta Ardern, calling her a multitude of insults and culminating in his suggestion that our PM, Scott Morrison, should shove a sock down her throat. As one would hope, Australians did not take to his comments and the growing blacklash even had one of the sponsors of Mr Jones station, ME Bank, withdraw their advertising.

Now as one would expect given that the public have responded so negatively, Alan Jones has issued an apology but instead of just admitting that he was an ass and saying sorry, he has mitigated the apology by alleging that his comment about the sock has been "wilfully misinterpreted" by his detractors and this is the reason for the public outrage.

This isn't the first time Mr Jones has had to apologise because of his comments about high powered women, remember the Julia Gillard "chaff bag" and "father died of shame" comments, both of which he also had to apologise for.

Do you think that Apologies from Public Figures Pass The Pub Test when the apology is always linked to an excuse?