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About The Pub Test

The Pub Test is a community engagement platform created to give everyone a chance to participate and voice their opinions on the hot issues in our community through tailored questions and surveys.

The Pub Test is not about outrage or provocation instead it strives to create conversation and discussion with the intent of engagement and participation.

Ad Placements and Ad Rates

There are four primary ad placements on The Pub Test. As The Pub Test is still a relatively new platform, all ad placements are sold on a Share of Voice of 25% each giving advertisers an equal and fair distribution across the users over the entire site.

The individual positions, sizes and rates are dsiplayed below.

  • Top Leaderboard (728x90px, Maximum file Size 60kb) - $450 per month
  • Bottom Leaderboard (728x90px, Maximum file Size 60kb) - $350 per month
  • Side Tower (300x600px, Maximum file Size 100kb) - $550 per month

Additionally there is the opportunity for an Interstitial Ad Placement (600x800px, Maximum file Size 200kb) sold on an exclusive sponsorhip basis per week of $500.

More Information

For more information about advertising on The Pub Test or about our audience and traffic numbers please contact